Monday, July 19, 2010

*CLOSED*SBB Giveaway #1

This will be a beginner blog giveaway for me.  So don't be disappointed with the prize!  I've got more to come - especially since our 1 year anniversary is coming up!

For this giveaway, the prize will be one Imse Vimse soft cover, size small in white with one flat diaper.  (You know you want to try your hand at them!)  Added 7/23/10:  Sample of Rockin' Green Detergent!

*I'll add a picture soon!*  *I know I know - still working on that picture!  7/23/10*

To enter:
1) You must be a Sweet Baby Bottoms Fan on Facebook. Entry will be posted here and you must post "Imma Fan!" for any entries to count. This one is MANDATORY!

2) You can join me on Twitter @_Sweet_Baby_ and post your entry here that you joined as "Imma Tweep!" + add your "handle." (I'm not very fond of calling my friends/customers/fans "followers," that's why I chose Tweep instead!)

3) You can tweet this giveaway on Twitter for an entry. Every tweet (1x a day) is an entry. Tweets must include my handle @_Sweet_Baby_  and a link to this blog.  You are more than welcome to get creative! Post a link to your tweet here for an entry!
4) You can create a review in the review tab on Facebook for products I carry, products I don't carry - or the service you have received from SBB.  Please post a link to your replies here for an entry.

5) Any orders over $25 placed before we reach 950 fans can add an additional entry! Just post your order # in this discussion! Orders over $50 add TWO entries! This starts today 7/19/10.

So start it up! Get going! 950 fans should be easy to reach quickly since we are almost at 900 now. 
Winner will be chosen from this post ONLY, and I will use a random number generator such as to pick the winner. Each comment is numbered to make this easy - (however, if it goes over 200 then I think it gets tricky, but should still be manageable - hence why this is a beginner blog giveaway!)

Giveaway is open to USA and Canadian residents, however Canadian residents I ask that if you win, we share the cost of shipping.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hello there!

Welcome to the Sweet Baby Bottoms blog!

Here you will find giveaways and information regarding cloth diapers and other natural parenting products.

Please feel free to leave a comment letting me know that you are here and ready for our first official blog giveaway!