Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SALE SALE SALE Information!

These sale codes will be active from Thursday, 11/25, 12am Eastern to Monday, 11/29, 11:59pm Eastern.

From 12am - 8am, use code 122825 for 25% off your order.
From 8:01am to 4pm, use code 82420 for 20% off your order.
From 4:01pm to 11:59pm, use code 421215 for 15% off your order.

Early Birds will get the worm every day for 5 days!  But still great deals to be had all day!

Shipping will remain the same deal,  FREE for US orders over $35 AFTER the discounts are applied.  International orders, please inquire about shipping prior to ordering.

All orders will receive some sort of sample, freebie or gift!  The more you spend the better it will be!

All orders will be eligible to enter in for additional giveaways starting on Tuesday, 11/30.  I'm still finalizing those giveaways, so stay tuned to this blog.  The giveaways will happen here, and the only thing that will be needed to enter is your order number.

If I am not clear enough about the discounts, please ask!  It is clear to me, but I'm on THIS end of it!

**note:  all other sale prices WILL NOT be in effect during our holiday madness!**

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Upcoming Holiday Goodness...

For my lovely blog followers, just wanted to let you know - or remind you in case you already saw on Facebook, about all of the goodies that will be given out this coming holiday weekend!

First off, I'm trying to nail down what my "special" will be from Thursday (yes, Thursday!! before BF!) until Cyber Monday night.  So I'll post up when that is finalized.

Second, I want to make sure you are all aware of the freebies that I will be giving out with paid orders.  :D  We have tons of samples from Crow Mountain Crafts, GAIA Skin Naturals, Rockin Green Detergent, Lulu's in the Fluff detergent, Green Mountain Detergent, The Juniper Cottage Breast Pads, and Cow Patties Cloth Diapers Nose Wipes.   Of course I will be raiding my own store to contribute items like, Skoy cloth samples, Raw Silk diaper liners, fleece diaper liners, Epicuren lotion samples, Eucalan wool wash samples...and maybe some other goodies I can find hiding out!  I also have a Spotted Box coming this week, so who knows what may find it's way into a package here and there from that!  :D

Third, I will also be running giveaways starting Tuesday, the day after Cyber Monday, for everyone who has placed an order over the holiday weekend.  It will be easy entry with just your order number being what is needed!  Each giveaway will have it's own blog post and it will be single entry (no crazy Tweeting or Likes needed!)

And just a reminder, come 1/1/11, Sweet Baby Bottoms name will be changed to Rock Easy Diaper Company!  It's time for us to stand out from the crowd!  We are currently working on a new blog and new logo, however website will remain almost untouched - with exception of the logo, until we can nail down our new "look"...which should be ROCKIN!  We do already have our Facebook page up, so make sure to like that page so we can start the new year out HOT.

Thank you all for reading this and I hope this week finds you warm, with friends and family galore!

Happy Holidays,
Rachel and Family