Sunday, December 12, 2010

*CLOSED 12/18/10**Holiday Madness Giveaway #6

Winner is post #2 - Shane!

This giveaway is for a cuuuute little train ornament, made by Maple Landmark from Vermont - that's right, made right here in the USofA!

All that is needed to enter is your order number!  You will find your order number in your order confirmation email, or on your packing slip receipt if you've received your order already.  Order numbers will start with 26xxxxx. You may enter every giveaway once, but can only win one time.  I want to spread the love among as many of my customers as possible!  It is the giving season! (If you can not find your order number, please email me through the store with the name you placed your order with.  Or you can check your Paypal payment and it will reference the order number there as well.)

In order to qualify for this giveaway, your order must have been place between 12am November 25 and 11:59pm November 29th, Eastern Time.  I will be checking entries and deleting ones that do not qualify, before I draw a winner.

Winner will be drawn by on 12/18/2010.